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Assassination of emerald baron sparks fear of new ‘green wars’
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Assassination of emerald baron sparks fear of new ‘green wars’

A prominent emerald magnate was assassinated on Saturday, sparking concerns over the possibility of a new “green war.”

Emerald magnate accuses other ‘Green War’ families of grenade attack
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Emerald magnate accuses other ‘Green War’ families of grenade attack

A mining magnate believes other prominent families in the emerald business are behind the grenade attack launched against him in central Colombia this past weekend, according to a statement he  Full Article »

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Colombia’s ’emerald czar’ Victor Carranza dies

Emerald czar Victor Carranza died on Thursday in Bogota from complications resulting from cancer; his death has created a power vacuum in the highly profitable emerald industry. Carranza died at  Full Article »

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Colombian emerald magnates ask govt to help avert bloodshed

As the rapidly declining health of Colombia’s emerald czar forebodes potentially violent territorial disputes, other magnates along with the czar requested an “active presence” from the government to prevent another “Green  Full Article »

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Colombia emerald czar linked to AUC massacre: Declassified US cables

A notorious Colombian emerald dealer is accused of perpetrating a massacre of 12 people in southern Colombia in 1997, local media reported on Thursday. According to a declassified United States  Full Article »

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Colombia emerald czar ‘big time narco’: Declassified US cables

Infamous businessman Victor Carranza, known in Colombia as the “Emerald Czar” because of his control over the country’s emerald exploitation, was a “big time narco” and paramilitary leader, according to  Full Article »

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Colombia’s ’emerald tsar’ warns his death could spark war

Colombia’s “emerald tsar” Victor Carranza has told news network Al Jazeera that a war over the industry could erupt should he die. Carranza, one of the world’s top traders in  Full Article »

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Uribe officials implicated in false demobilization scandal

Imprisoned AUC paramilitary leader Salvatore Mancuso accused former Peace Commissioner Luis Carlos Restrepo of involvement in the false demobilization of the AUC and a nonexistent FARC front. In his first  Full Article »

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Colombian ’emerald czar’ diagnosed with cancer

Colombia’s notorious “emerald czar” Victor Carranza has two types of cancer, the Prosecutor General’s Office (PG) revealed Thursday. “The 76-year-old man has prostate cancer four years in development as well  Full Article »

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Colombian ’emerald czar’ under new investigation for paramilitary funding

Colombia’s Prosecutor General opened a preliminary investigation in to “emerald czar’ Victor Carranza‘s alleged financing of paramilitaries, reported local media Friday. Carranza, Colombia’s most prominent emerald trader, spent almost four years  Full Article »

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Ex-AUC chief links Uribe with paramilitaries in ‘Convivir’ formation

The extradited commander-in-chief of the AUC, Salvatore Mancuso, testifies that his paramilitary organization formed the anti-guerrilla group “CONVIVIR” with the help of Colombia’s ex-President Alvaro Uribe when he was governor  Full Article »

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‘El Aleman’: Emerald czar backed paramilitaries

Former paramilitary leader Freddy Rendon Herrera, alias “El Aleman,” told a Bogota court that emerald czar Victor Carranza gave important economic support to the paramilitaries. El Tiempo reported Thursday that El Aleman  Full Article »

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‘Emerald czar funded paramilitaries’

An ex-paramilitary fighter has claimed that part of his former group’s funding came from the looting of emerald mines in the department of Boyaca with the full knowledge of the  Full Article »

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Spain cancels extradition of Colombian emerald czar

Five months after Spanish judge Balthasar Garzon ordered the extradition of Colombia’s controversial “emerald czar” Victor Carranza for alleged paramilitary links, the National Court in Madrid has annulled the investigation  Full Article »

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Colombia calls for foreign investment in emerald mining

Leading emerald traders have called on foreign investors to support mining of the precious gem in the Boyaca department in central Colombia. According to El Espectador, recent studies show that only  Full Article »