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Celebrity singer leaves Colombia over threats
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Celebrity singer leaves Colombia over threats

Silvestre Dangond, one of Colombia’s famous singers, announced that he and his family had to leave their country after being threatened on several occasions.

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Miss Maja beauty pageant winner announced amid controversy

Miss Maja Colombia 2012-2013 was crowned, reported newspaper El Heraldo on Tuesday. Mayra Daniela Vitoviz Medina was crowned Miss Maja Colombia 2012-2013 in the western city of Corozal by a  Full Article »

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Colombian star releases new video for Valentine’s Day (video)

Colombian singer Silvestre Dangond has released a special Valentine’s Day video for his hit song “La Gringa” (The Foreign Girl), local media reported Tuesday.   “La Gringa” tells the story  Full Article »

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Vallenato star convinces prosecutor grabbing child’s crotch is ‘normal’

Colombian vallenato star Silvestre Dangond has been let off the hook a year after he fondled a young fan’s crotch at a 2010 concert, reported  gossip website La Fiscalia Monday.  Full Article »

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Colombian vallenato star releases single dedicated to ‘La Gringa’ (video)

Colombian vallenato star Silvestre Dangond has released his new single, aptly titled “La Gringa” (The White Girl). The accordion-riddled jam La Gringa is a hilariously exaggerated song in which Silvestre  Full Article »

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Infamous vallenato star goes under the knife in hopes of a perfect tummy

Colombia’s highest selling recording artist for 2011 and the country’s most popular vallenato star, Silvestre Dangond, undergoes surgery yet again, this time with a lipectomy to slim down his belly region. According  Full Article »