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Colombian government seeks to reduce poverty by 2%

The Colombian government hopes to reduce the poverty level by 2% in 2012, reported local media Friday. In the year 2011, there were allegedly over 15 million people living in  Full Article »

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Govt money sufficient to save hospitals: Social protection minister

The Colombian government has allocated $558 million to the public hospital network, which the minister of social protection said Friday will be sufficient to save major hospitals from closing. Minister  Full Article »

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Colombia announces health plan to focus on neglected diseases

Colombian government minister annouced $562 billion investment in health care system in areas unprofitable for health insurance companies. In an interview with Caracol Radio, Social Protection Minister Mauricio Santamaria said  Full Article »

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Colombia to eliminate 40 health insurance companies

Colombia’s Minister of Social Protection said that between 40 and 45 health insurance companies (EPS) will be permanently eliminated beginning in mid-October. The government’s decision follows a major corruption scandal  Full Article »

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Colombian minister in France to push EU trade deal

Colombia’s social protection minister has met with members of the European Parliament to explain his country’s advances in human rights issues as it pertains to the pending free trade agreement  Full Article »

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Galeras volcano on red alert, 2nd eruption expected

Colombia’s Institute of Mining and Geology (Ingeominas) issued a red alert warning that a second eruption of the Galeras volcano is imminent, after it erupted around 4AM Wednesday. Diego Gomez from  Full Article »

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Santos names Santamaria public health minister

Before departing for Mexico, the first stop in his Latin America tour, Colombia’s President-elect Juan Manuel Santos named Mauricio Santamaria, the current director of the national foundation for education and  Full Article »