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Colombia turns to lie detectors to tackle government corruption
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Colombia turns to lie detectors to tackle government corruption

Colombia’s government plans to carry out lie detector tests on senior civil servants who allocate contracts to private companies as it tries to clamp down on widespread corruption and embezzlement  Full Article »

Reforms to benefit Colombia’s VP scrapped at his own request
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Reforms to benefit Colombia’s VP scrapped at his own request

Colombia’s Congress has scrapped a reform that would have granted the vice-president with electoral benefits currently only enjoyed by the president, at the deputy head of state’s own request.

Colombia mayor bans public protests after audiences boo president
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Colombia mayor bans public protests after audiences boo president

A central Colombia mayor controversially banned all public protest on the day the country’s vice president came to visit. The move seemed a response to a number of events during which President  Full Article »

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Colombian town still without water after 22 months

While politicians on Monday played the blame game, residents of the small Colombian town of Yopal are close to breaking point, as they approach the two year mark without running  Full Article »

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Uribe divorced from reality: Colombia housing minister

The Colombian government of President Juan Manuel Santos and former president Alvaro Uribe on Monday traded barbs once again, this time over the construction of free houses for the poor.  Full Article »

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More hats in the ring for 2014 presidency

All eyes are on four Colombian politicians who are aiming to keep the 2014 presidency out of the hands of anyone associated with the divisive former president Alvaro Uribe. German  Full Article »

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Free houses for Colombia’s poor not vote buying: Santos

Colombian president Juan Manuel Santos on Wednesday denied accusations that the government is providing free housing to the poor as a cynical vote-buying tactic ahead of the 2014 presidential elections.  Full Article »

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Colombia govt. to finish building 100K free homes

Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos on Monday announced that $959 million has been allocated to build the final 25,000 out of 100,000 homes for Colombia’s poor and said that it  Full Article »

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Colombia’s interior minister survives near helicopter crash (VIDEO)

Colombia’s Housing Minister survived a spectacular helicopter mishap Thursday. A helicopter carrying Housing Minister German Vargas almost crashed into the ground after take-off but was allegedly saved by the pilot’s  Full Article »

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Ex-paramilitary leader refuses to testify against housing minister

A captured paramilitary leader has refused to testify in the preliminary investigation against Colombia’s housing minister who has been accused of ties to the warlord, reported local media Wednesday. The  Full Article »

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Santos ratifies Vargas as Housing MInister, announces Garzon joins cabinet

Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos on Tuesday ratified the position of Housing Minister German Vargas and announced that Luis Eduardo Garzon will join the cabinet. During a local radio broadcast,  Full Article »

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Business man denies knowledge of Vargas ‘plot’

Colombia’s northern Barranquilla businessman Rafael McCausland denied knowledge of the alleged plot against Housing Minister German Vargas Lleras, the prosecutor general heard on Friday. According to the housing minister, McCausland would  Full Article »

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Supreme Court investigates Colombia’s housing minister, per his request

Colombia’s Supreme Court will investigate the country’s housing minister for his alleged ties to paramilitary groups, local media reported Wednesday. The court’s investigation comes at the request of minister German  Full Article »

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Uribe’s brother investigated for ‘conspiracy against minister’

Colombia’s chief prosecutor on Sunday announced an investigation of the brother of Colombia’s ex-President Alvaro Uribe for allegedly conspiring to discredit the country’s housing minister. In an interview with newspaper  Full Article »

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Uribe’s brother denies plot against housing minister

Santiago Uribe, brother of former Colombian President Alvaro Uribe, denied plotting against the country’s housing minister Friday amid investigations of the politician for alleged ties to paramilitary death squads. Uribe’s  Full Article »

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Colombian Congress to be investigated for passing of justice reform bill

  Colombia’s Inspector General’s Office will investigate the country’s Congress for its handling of a controversial justice reform initiative, that was initially passed and then scrapped. The preliminary investigation will  Full Article »