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Students to be involved in education reform: Government

student protests

The Colombian government said Wednesday it guarantees to involve students in a planned reform of higher education in the hope the students will end a month-long strike.

On Wednesday, President Juan Manuel Santos said he would pull the reform if the students ended their strike. In response, the students told Santos they would not end their strike and continue their protests until the reform of the so-called Law 30 is off the table.

Students will take to the streets in several cities on Thursday and are expected to effectively shut down Bogota.

In an attempt to appease the students, Education Minister Maria Fernanda Campo said the government will give guarantees a dialogue will take place.

Campo said it was “absolutely necessary … for the classes to restart next week,” now that the students’ demands have been met.

Similarly, Minister of Interior German Vargas Lleras asked the students what they thought of “the families and the people wishing to complete their semester, and in many cases graduate?” urging the students to resume classes on Tuesday, when the bill is withdrawn.

Student associations said they will meet on Saturday to determine whether the strike will end.