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Son of murdered drug lord wants violence to stop

The son of recently murdered drug trafficker Leonidas Vargas, whose
brother was killed along with his girlfriend a day later, asked for the
violence against his family to end immediately.

Leonidas Vargas was assassinated in a Madrid hospital on January 9th. A day later, authorities found the bodies of brother Héctor Fabio Vargas and his girlfriend Liliano Lozano.

The son, who currently resides in Madrid’s Soto del Real prison where his father was held as well, wrote a letter to Colombian newspaper El Espectador in order to make the request.

“We don’t feel hate and we don’t resent anyone, let alone do we want vengeance,” he said in the statement which was co-written by lawyer Emilio Eiranova Encilas.

Meanwhile, authorities in Valle del Cauca have offered 50 million pesos for anyone who might be able to provide information leading to the capture of the assassins of Héctor Fabio Vargas and Liliano Lozano.

The two reportedly returned from Spain on the day of Leonidas’ murder and their tortured bodies were encountered a day later. Relatives confirmed that Fabio and Liziano, who starred in “Pasión de gavilanes” had maintained a relationship for the last three years.

Authorities also stressed the importance of fighting the influence of drug-related conflicts in Valle del Cauca.