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Sofia Vergara acknowledges portrayal of Latina stereotype

Sofia Vergara

Sofia Vergara admitted Monday she was nervous for her role as Gloria on the American television series “Modern Family” would upset Hispanic viewers.

According to Vergara, she feared she would be criticized for her portrayal of what could be construed as a negative Latina stereotype.

Vergara outlined this concern in an interview with Chilean newspaper La Tercera, saying, “I was terrified when I was offered the role, I thought people would hate Gloria for being ridiculous, for being married to a man so old, for being loud and outrageous. I was afraid that Latinas would be offended. It was a challenge to be loved and to gain sympathy, but I don’t believe I represent all Latinas with this role. We are not all the same, but I just try to show with Gloria nice things that Hispanic women share, such as the intense love and over protection of their children.”

Although she has received some criticism for her characterization of Gloria, Vergara’s role has been largely well received in the Latina community.

A new documentary YouTube show called “My Life With Toty,” produced by her son Manolo, will give viewers a more intimate look into Vergara’s life behind the cameras.

“My son Manolo has always been interested in cinema and film all our lives […] For now I only saw the first episode of “My life with Toty” and he would not let me appear badly […] I was recording my episode with “Saturday Night Live” and he grabbed me without makeup and horrible hair. I was shaking, but the show is his,” she said.

Vergara will also have the chance to show a different side of Latina women in her upcoming role in “Fading Gigolo,” a new comedy by filmmaker Woody Allen.

“We are in negotiations and everything is going well, but the script isn’t even ready. Gossip flies and not even the actors have the project ready in front of us. But it looks good!”