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Shakira reveals chocolate addiction

shakira, colombia

In a shock announcement from the Colombian “Waka Waka” singer, Shakira revealed that she is addicted to chocolate and often daydreams about the milky treat while getting in shape for music videos.

“I love chocolate. I’m addicted to it. Do you know when I realised that? Shortly before we started shooting the video for ‘She Wolf,'” Shakira admitted.

The star of the recent football World Cup opening ceremony said that she had needed a month to get back into shape prior to filming, and had to limit herself to a special tofu-based dessert bereft of any traces of chocolate.

“For the first time in my life I was dreaming of chocolate and cake and always woke up with tears in my eyes,” the Barranquilla bombshell said.

Soon after completing the “She Wolf” video, the Colombian star reportedly relapsed with “five pieces of chocolate cake in one go” at an undisclosed Los Angeles cafe.