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Shakira nominated for two Youth Awards

Colombian singer Shakira has been nominated for two awards presented by Latin television network Univision, RCN Radio reported Thursday.

Shakira accepted the nominations for “Best Moves” and “My Pop Artist” at the Premios Juventud (Youth Awards) in a Skype call in which she stressed that she was only one of a community of Colombian artists who are helping to make their country a better place.

“There are many artists who are very committed to the reality of our country, that show it every day through not only their music but rather through social networks. I’m proud to know that so many people are concerned; we use the tools we have to help make things a little better,” said the Barranquilla native.

During the call, Shakira also gave an update on the health status of her boyfriend, soccer star Gerard Pique, who was injured during a match between his FC Barcelona side and English club Chelsea last month. “He is recovered and training very well,” she said.

The Youth Awards will take place July 19. People can vote for their favorite Spanish-speaking celebrities in a variety of categories at