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Senior ‘FARC’ rebel killed in northeastern Colombia

Colombia News - Farc Dead

The alleged leader of the FARC’s 38th Front has been killed during military operations which left at least three other rebels dead in northeastern Colombia, according to local media.

Efrain Mendez, alias “Guillermo Sanchez,” was apparently killed during a joint exercise between the Colombian Army and Air Force in the municipality of Tame, Arauca Department. Also killed were three alleged bodyguards known as “Karen,” “Sandra,” and “Sucre.”

The news came amid further reports of rebel casualties, with Colombia’s President Juan Manuel Santos offering his congratulations at the news via Twitter, saying “17 of the FARC neutralized including the leader of the 38th front. Congratulations.”

According to daily El Tiempo, Mendez had served as a guerrilla for 31 years and was wanted on charges of murder, kidnapping, terrorism and conspiracy.