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Security situation worsens in Norte de Santander

Security situation worsens

The security situation in the northern Colombian department of Norte de Santander is worsening as FARC guerrillas intensify attacks.

The first incident occurred on Monday night, authorities suspect that FARC guerrillas blew up two sections of the Rio Zulia-Ayacucho pipeline, forcing the Petroleos del Norte oil company to cease oil shipments and install protective barriers to prevent the contamination of the Catatumbo river. Norte de Santander has experienced 15 attacks on oil infrastructure already this year.

Following the pipeline bombing, 4-months pregnant Zunilda Acosta died Tuesday after being injured in last week’s suspected FARC attack in the town of San Pablo, which killed 3-year old Angel Ballesteros. The mayor of the town reported that many residents were forced to move to neighboring areas after the attack, he called for the Colombian government to provide humanitarian assistance to the newly displaced families.

Norte de Santander

Norte de Santander