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Santos wishes Chavez a speedy recovery


Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos Tuesday wished controversial Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez a speedy recovery ahead of an operation.

Doctors in Havana detected a one-inch diameter lesion in Chavez’s pelvic region last week, less than a year after he underwent surgery and chemotherapy for a tumor in the same place.

Mentioning the fractious but improving relationship between the two, Santos said, “We are in many ways like water and oil but this does not stop us from working together in an atmosphere of harmony toward the common goals of security and prosperity for our peoples, and the results are getting better.”

Almost immediately after taking office in 2010, Santos sought a renewed relationship with the Venezuelan government for which he received much criticism. Former President Alvaro Uribe had suspended relations with Venezuela in June 2009 over allegations of a FARC safe haven existing across Colombia’s border with Venezuela.

Chavez is due to undergo surgery later this week.