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Santos urban approval rating at 77%

Colombia news - Juan Manuel Santos

The urban approval rating of Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos remains high, but according to a poll by Gallup the country’s city-dwellers are increasingly negative about security and employment.

Of the interviewees, 77% said they approved of the president’s policies, while 18% said they disapproved.

Urban Colombians are mostly pessimistic about their wallet. According to 39% of the interviewees, their purchasing power is their biggest concern, and some 76% of interviewees said their cost of living is going up.

Despite decreasing urban unemployment rates, 57% of the interviewees thought that unemployment was going up. This is 10% more than in December when Gallup held its last poll. Some 60% say they disapprove with how Santos is fighting unemployment.

According to Gallup, urban Colombians are also pessimistic about security. According to 64%, the security is worsening, while only 7% responded it was improving.

Santos’ government scores high when it comes to foreign relations and the situation in the countryside.

Other Colombians with a high approval rating are national police chief General Oscar Naranjo (75%), former President Alvaro Uribe (74%) and Vice President Angelino Garzon (68%)