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Russia to allow imports of Colombian meat

andres fernandez

Colombia’s Agriculture Minister Andres Fernandez said Russia is now “open” to imports of Colombian meat, following a meeting between representatives of the two countries, reported Thursday.

After a visit to Russia by Fernandez and Colombian Foreign Minister Jaime Bermudez, the agriculture minister said “As of today the Russian market is open to Colombian meat,” because “we have succeeded in overcoming the obstacles that were standing in the way of its import [to Russia] and now all that remains is that farmers take advantage of the opportunity.”

According to Fernandez, the fact that Colombia was recently declared free of the livestock disease “foot and mouth,” has allowed a new agreement to be signed by the two nations on the trade of meat.

The deal included a paragraph ensuring the traceability of the meat by Russian investors.

Other Colombian products which are exported to Russia include cut flowers, which generate an annual income of $28.5 million, and coffee, which is worth around $20.8 million each year.