Posted by Jonathan Roorda on Mar 8, 2009 Leave a comment

Riots at Iron Maiden concert in Bogota

The concert of British heavy metal group Iron Maiden in Bogota, Saturday, became the scene of heavy unrest and riots.

Trouble started when a group of fans climbed the fence that separated the VIP space from the general public, and reportedly managed to get as close as 30 meters from the stage.

Later on, those that hadn’t secured a ticket began causing troubles in the area around the Parque Simon Bolivar, where the concert was held.

A large group of heavy metal fans clashed with police forces and broke into private areas. Some were arrested and taken away. However, a City TV camera crew documented several of the arrested troublemakers managing to escape and run away.

The troubles are likely to spark a local debate as to whether Bogota should host another heavy metal concert in the years to come.