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Re-election referendum ‘unconstitutional’: Opposition leaders

Colombia news - opposition leaders

Opposition leaders expressed hope that the Constitutional Court would
stop President Alvaro Uribe’s re-election referendum from reaching the
polls because it is “unconstitutional”.

Polo Democratico’s Carlos Gaviria and the Liberal Party’s Cesar Gaviria met Thursday afternoon to discuss their opposition to the referendum, whose critics claim that it is illegal.

Carlos Gaviria said that “the Constitutional court should understand that the lawful Magna Carta can not be changed in a democracy. We are going to seek support from all of Colombia’s social organizations in the fight against the re-election [of Uribe].”

Liberal Party leader Cesar Gaviria said that the Court “has an enormous responsibility to preserve democracy and be the guardian of the Constitution”.

The leader of Polo Democratico neither ruled out nor confirmed an alliance with the Liberal Party in order to defeat Uribe at the polls, if he is permitted to run for the Presidency again.

The referendum was called for by supporters of Uribe who want the
President to be allowed to run for a third term, which, according to the Colombian
constitution is not possible.