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Public defenders calls for emergency aid for displaced people

Colombia news - displaced people

Public defenders have called for emergency relief for people displaced by Monday clashes between the “FARC” and security forces in the Pacific Cauca region.

Public Attorney Volmar Perez denounced the attacks and requested that regional and national authorities urgently address the forced displacement of 262 people. He also outlined the need to improve security measures which respect local customs and law.

Perez said, “We are asking both regional and state agencies to provide emergency humanitarian assistance to displaced persons and to take necessary measures to mitigate the risks.”

The February 20 attacks caused the death of three soldiers and injured up to ten more.

Classes at local schools were interrupted, but no civilians were injured in the clashes.

Perez also called on illegal armed groups in the area to respect local communities’ sense of security, right to life, personal integrity, and right to not be displaced.