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Urban approval of Santos surges to 88% after death of ‘Mono Jojoy’

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The urban approval rating of Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos surged to 88 percent following the military operation that killed ‘Mono Jojoy,” military commander of the country’s largest guerrilla group FARC.

According to the latest poll by newscast CM&, 88% of the interviewed said they were positive about Santos, 7% said they were negative and 5% did not know or did not respond.

Santos policy also received a record-high and can count on the approval of 85.7% of the interviewees.

More than half of the respondents (55,3%) say they believe the death of Mono Jojoy is the beginning of the end of the FARC. 32.3% disagrees with this and 12.3% doesn not know or did not answer.

The poll was held among 300 men and women over 18 years old in the country’s five largest cities. The polled cities are home to 30% of the Colombian population.