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Police uncover FARC bomb plot in Cali

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Police agents in Cali have uncovered and halted a FARC bomb plot, arresting the man in charge.

Colombian authorities stated that police arrested members of the FARC’s Manuel Cepeda Vargas Front, who had plans to plant explosives in various government buildings in the Valle del Cauca capital.

El Tiempo reported Thursday that, according to General Oscar Naranjo, the planned attack was a response to the increase in military operations in the area that President Santos announced last week.

Among those arrested was Edinson Rivera Melendez, alias “Edinson,” who had been instructed by the head of the FARC front, Juan Carlos Usuga, alias “El Enano,” to lead others in installing explosives in a number of buildings.

Investigations led the police to uncover the operation in a building in the neighbourhood of Saavedra Galindo, where members of the front had begun to stockpile grenades.