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Police uncover Colombian counterfeit gang, arrest 4

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Colombian police on Monday captured four members of “Los Dolares Negros,” a gang dedicated to the manufacture and sale of counterfeited bills destined for Ecuador, Peru, Venezuela, and seven Colombian departments.

Eleven storage bays containing the counterfeited money were seized in the operation, and four people were arrested in Medellin.

According to Caracol Radio, an investigation showed that the group made the counterfeit money with a computer linked to a scanner and laser printer. The bills were painted with metallic liquid iodine in order to deceive victims.

Los Dolares Negros used a method known as a “Nigerian Scam,” which consists of scammers offering free money to help move a larger sum, usually through different currency exchanges. In this operation, the sum was over $583,000.

In order to gain trust, the gang would give the victim an authentic bill to be brought to an exchange.

After the exchange the victim had to spend the money obtained to ensure the deception.

After the victims squandered enough money, the counterfeiters offered inked bills at low prices, but offered “chemical agents”  to clean them at high prices.