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Police capture ‘key FARC member’ in Bogota


Colombian police said that the FARC member “Nancy”, presumed to be one of the leaders of the FARC’s 7th Front, has been captured Tuesday afternoon in Colombia’s capital Bogota.

The police said that “Nancy,” captured with false identification papers in northern Bogota, will have to answer to charges including terrorism, extortive kidnapping and rebellion, due to her alleged participation in several guerrilla actions over the years.

“Nancy,” nom-de-guerre of the 34-year-old Ibagué native Astrid Conte Gutierrez, allegedly participated in the FARC attack against the Miraflores army base in the southern department of Guaviare in 1998. In the attack, some 1,000 FARC guerrillas overran the army defenses and captured more than 120 Colombian soldiers and policemen.

The police said that Nancy had formed a part of killed FARC leader “Mono Jojoy’s” personal bodyguard, while also participating in the broadcast of the FARC radio station “Voice of the Resistance.”

According to army intelligence sources, it is possible that “Nancy” was sent to Bogota on the behalf of the Clandestine Colombian Communist Party, known as PC3, a party founded by former top FARC commander “Alfonso Cano” to increase activity in urban areas.

El Espectador wrote that “Nancy” was “known for her physical attributes.” She was presumed to have been the girlfriend of alias “Gentil Duarte,” one of the commanders of the FARC’s Eastern Bloc, which operates in large parts of eastern and southeastern Colombia.