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Pielroja sin filtro: exercising your lungs

Because smoking is so cheap, accepted and common in Colombia it it is quite easy to double the dose of nicotine you were used to consume at home. As your lungs get used to this increasing inhalation of the tar and nicotine other cigarettes soon lose their effectiveness.

The smoker with a lot of self control will be able to stick to three Bostons a day, but anyone with a love for nicotine and the tendency towards addiction will soon find out even Marlboro no longer satisfies the need. Colombia’s last resort for the hardened smoker is Pielroja (sin filtro).

Pielroja is Colombia’s first ever cigarette brand. The filterless
traditional version still looks almost the same as when it came out in
the first half of the 20th century.

The cigarette is not for the
beginning smoker or an early morning. The strong tobacco has the
tendency to cause a collapsed lung if the body’s oxygen filters haven’t
been thoroughly trained before.

Because of the almost flawless public relations campaign and stunning minimalist design of the pack, lighting up a pielroja sin filtro can give you a feeling of complete integration and even a feeling of Colombian national pride before bursting out in an almost unstoppable and explosive coughing fit.

To complete integration into Colombian society and to guarantee an early death, serious practice is needed. A few weeks of perseverance will get you hooked on Colombia’s finest tobacco product and any other cigarette will taste like flavored air.