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Piedad Cordoba to meet with Lula

Colombia news - Lula Piedad

Opposition Senator and mediator Piedad Córdoba will meet with Brazilian President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva Wednesday to discuss Brazil’s possible facilitation in the release of a FARC hostage.

Córdoba is the leader of ‘Colombians for Peace’, an activist group that negotiates with guerrilla groups for the release of hostages. President Lula has worked with her in the past, providing helicopters and crew, to co-ordinate the release of FARC hostages.

Córdoba is currently negotiating the release of soldier Pablo Emilio Moncayo, whose release was announced eleven days ago.

Moncayo was kidnapped by the guerrilla group on 21 December 1997 in a rebel attack on an army communications base.

According to Terra, Moncayo is one of 22 members of the Colombian armed forces currently in FARC hands.