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Petro predicts Uribe-Santos clash

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gustavo petro

Former Polo Democratico presidential candidate Gustavo Petro predicts the end of “Uribismo,” warning that President-elect Juan Manual Santos and outgoing President Alvaro Uribe will fall out with each other, Radio Santa Fe reported Monday.

According to Petro the triumphant election of Santos will lead to the end of Uribismo – the movement built around the policies of Uribe – and that Uribe will continue to work to amend the constitution to “return to power,” which will inevitably lead to a clash with Santos, who “will want to be re-elected.”

Petro, who gained 9% of the vote in the May 30 first-round presidential election, went on to say that he was willing to meet with Santos and discuss ways of including some of Polo Democratico’s proposals in Santos’ “government of national unity” strategy.

Some of the proposals Petro plans to put before Santos include the transfer of 10 million hectares of land under the control of the “mafias,” and reparation payments to victims of violence.

However, Petro maintained that his party will remain in the opposition, explaining that the government of Santos represents the continuity of Uribe’s administration.

<>Following the election on Sunday, the former presidential candidate said that the result was “predictable,” as Green Party opponent Antanas Mockus was unable to build a coalition that could challenge the successful Santos campaign.

Petro added that “the increase of abstention proves that part of the Colombian population disagrees with the project that will govern Colombia over the next four years.”