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Peru wants to host World Cup with Colombia and Ecuador

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With this year’s World Cup only just completed, Peru has already declared its interest in hosting the tournament along with Colombia and Ecuador in 2026.

The president of the Peruvian Sports Institute, Arturo Woodman, unveiled his country’s interest: “We have the capacity to organize the World Cup in 2026. The three countries share a common history and we all experience the passion for soccer.

“I think that the support of the governments will be vital in order to make the dream of hosting the tournament come true.”

As far as Colombia is concerned, support will not be a problem as president Alvaro Uribe reacted to the plan saying that the “offer is constructive, positive and imaginative”.

The Colombian Head of State added that “every positive proposition has to be welcomed”.

The 2026 tournament is the earliest the three countries can launch a bid for as the deadlines of the 2018 and 2022 tournaments have already expired.

Whether a joint-bid involving three countries stands a chance remains to be seen, as current FIFA chairman Sepp Blatter recently states that single-country bids get priority treatment.