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Paulina Rubio taken to court over missing concert in Colombia

Paulina Rubio

A Miami court will rule Monday in the lawsuit against Mexican pop star Paulina Rubio, who failed to attend a concert in Colombia in 2010, local media reported.

Miami-based record company CMG Entertainment sued Rubio in 2010 for breach of contract after she refused to perform at a music festival in Tunja, a town in the central Colombian department of Boyoca.

The plaintiffs said Rubio requested a private jet to fly her from Medellin to Tunja in August 2010, but the flight, which cost about $20,000, was forced to land in Bogota because of air restrictions. CMG Entertainment planned to drive the Latina icon to the show with a military escort–a three-hour trip according to google maps–but Rubio refused. Among those waiting in the crowd for the Latina pop icon: then-President Alvaro Uribe.

Rubio’s therapist testified the singer had been suffering from clinical depression, according to the Miami New Times, and was in even worse straits due to the absence of her pet dog, without which she was an “emotional mess.”

The singer’s attempt to make amends by performing a new concert was rejected by Boyoca’s secretary of culture, who said the singer had disrespected the community and cost Tunja more than $1 million. The same secretary of culture testified against Rubio in Miami, RCN Radio reported.

CMG entertainment is suing Rubio for $985,000 in damages.