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Partido de la U rebuts illegal spin doctor accusations

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Colombia’s Partido de la U announced in a press release Thursday that presidential campaign adviser to candidate Juan Manuel Santos, Venezuelan spin doctor J.J. Rendon, is not officially employed by the party, and will fly to Miami to process his work visa.

According to the party, the infamous publicist will only receive a paycheck if he achieves the desired outcome of helping Santos win the presidency.

The party’s explanation follows accusations earlier Thursday that Rendon is working illegally for Santos’ campaign in Colombia.

According to Caracol Radio, Rendon entered Colombia on a temporary tourist visa, which does not permit foreigners to work while in the country.

Partido de la U should have reported to immigration agency DAS that they wanted to contract Rendon and organize a work visa, which they have not done, Caracol Radio claims.

DAS has reportedly received six petitions requesting that the agency investigate Rendon’s visa status.

DAS director Felipe Muñoz is expected to comment on the matter shortly, to clear up questions as to whether Rendon needs a work visa to continue his role within Santos’ campaign.

Santos annouced a reshuffle of his campaign team on Monday. His campaign revamp is attributed to Rendon, who is renowned for “playing dirty.”

Since Rendon joined the Partido de la U campaign team, several of Santos’s other advisors have resigned from the campaign, because did not want to work with the Venezuelan publicist.