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Natalia Paris talks about her love for a narco

The biggest love of Natalia Paris, widely considered one of Colombia’s sexiest models, was a wealthy (former) drug trafficker until he mysteriously disappeared in 2001. He is now featured in one of Colombia’s most popular soap operas.

Julio César Correa a.k.a. Julio Fierro or La Señora is probably dead. He had joined a cooperation program with American justice in 1995 after he was caught smuggling two tons of cocaine to Miami. He disappeared when he returned to Colombia for a holiday.

He and the woman he left behind are now featured in one of Colombia’s most popular soap operas, ‘El Cartel de los Sapos’ (the cartel of the snitches), a prime time Caracol show about the Colombian drug trade in the 1990’s.

The blonde model, once again confronted with the gossip about her being a ‘prepago’ (escort) and the dodgy business of the love of her life talked to Colombian magazine Óla about her relationship with the mafioso turned informer.

The sexy paisa remembers Correa mostly as a sweet, handsome and lovable man. She denies being treated badly by the drugs trafficker, something that the popular series imply and says she never found out he was a U.S. informer until after his disappearance in Santa Marta.

Mariana, the daughter she had of Correa, doesn’t yet know about the life of her dad. The model, who lives in Miami, hasn’t had the heart yet.