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Colombian military claims to have killed 3,500 criminals in 2011

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An official military report has been released that catalogues the kills, arrests, and weapon seizures achieved by the army so far this year, newspaper El Espectador reported Wednesday.

In their military offensive against the left-wing guerrilla organization FARC and other illegal armed groups, the Colombian armed forces developed a military offensive in 2011 that has comprised of over 8,000 operations.

Soldiers have advanced the offensive in all 32 departments of the country.

Of approximately 3,500 lawbreakers killed, the military report estimates that over a thousand were members of the FARC. Two hundred and fifteen of the deaths are attributed solely to drug trafficking, while 121 are said to have been members of another guerrilla organization, the ELN.

The army also recorded 2,744 arrests, approximately a fourth of which resulted from voluntary surrenders and submission to the courts. Throughout the process, authorities said they neutralized and destroyed 10 minefields and four car bombs.

The catalogued artillery seizures for the year include 627 assault rifles, 377 revolvers, 312 pistols, 128 rifles, 59 mortars, 24 grenade launchers, 117 sub-machine guns, 10 machine guns, and seven rocket launchers.