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Medellin to host 7th World Urban Forum: UN

Colombia news - Medellin

The United Nations has chosen Colombia’s second largest city Medellin to host the seventh World Urban Forum.

Colombia’s Housing Minister German Vargas Lleras realized a petition during the last World Urban Forum 2012 in Naples, Italy, for Medellin to host the next version of the event.

The UN ratified the petition and UN Habitat director Joan Clos announced Wednesday in Naples that Medellin would house the next forum of the world’s premier conference on cities in March 2014.

Colombia’s second largest city will unite the most recognized international experts in matters of urban development, which will be a great opportunity to demonstrate the potential that the country has in urban planning, said Vargas Lleras.

“We are pleased and grateful. We come with a hope of achieving this purpose and that satisfaction will be fulfilled. For the last several months, the city of Medellin has been working towards this challenge and finally it will be converted into a reality for the whole country,” said the housing minister.

The city will be converted into an epicenter of first world events. “The challenge of organizing the Seventh World Urban Forum in Colombia is a commitment not only of the city of Medellin, but also a commitment of the whole national government,” said Vargas Lleras.

Allegedly, the city was chosen because it has become a global example in public policies of housing and habitat.

In the bid to host next forum, the Antioquia capital beat out the cities of Johannesburg in South Africa, Melbourne in Australia, Montreal in Canada, Seol in South Korea, and Doja in Qatar.

“The power of being chosen among so many modern cities is undoubtably a big challenge for the capital of Antioquia and for the country,” concluded Vargas Lleras as he and the entourage that accompanied him celebrated the designation of Medellin.