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Medellin kite kid ‘shocked’ by UFO confusion

Colombian News - medellin ufo

A Medellin boy, whose very cool modified kite was confused with a UFO and headlined Colombia’s evening TV news, says he is “shocked” by the reaction to his creation.

“We never thought we were going to cause such a crowd in the city”, the 14-year old owner of the UFO kite told local newspaper El Colombiano.

Jose Andres Velasquez could never have believed that his kite, a bit of careful sewing and some steady kite flying would go on to attract international attention and speculation.

Security guard Carlos Corrales explained that the boy and his mother could not see the commotion “because they were on the top floor” but that “there were people crying because they thought we were being invaded by aliens, while others prayed.”

The alleged UFO invasion even made it to Colombia’s evening news.

According to the security guard, an indignant local demanded that he be permitted entry to the apartment building where he endeavoured to bravely confront the the pilot of the sinister craft, covered in terrifying, futuristic LED illuminations.

The security guard said the man demanded to be let in to “apprehend the extraterrestrials” who he had seen fly across the sky and land on the roof of the 11-story terrace building.

When it was explained to the man that it was only a kite, he calmed down and asked for instructions on how he could make his own incredibly exciting light-up kite.

The kite, which filled locals with such excitement and abject terror, was purchased by 14 year-old Jose Andres Velasquez on a roundabout for $25.

Marleny Velasquez, the boy’s mother, explained how they liked to fly the kite at night from their building, taking advantage of the strong gusting winds in the neighborhood.

“On Friday we raised the kite but it was difficult to see, so, fearing we would lose it and with December coming, my son decided to attach some lights to the kite. He called an uncle and they went to La Cascada, bought six LED bulbs and six watch batteries” she explained.

With the help of his uncle, the boy sewed the lights into place and at six o’clock on Sunday evening they hoisted their creation into the sky, to an unexpectedly rapturous response.

“At first we couldn’t see the lights, but after seven it became very windy and the kite mingled amongst the clouds. This allowed the lights to been seen clearly and they looked beautiful, but we couldn’t imagine the commotion we were causing amongst half the city.”

The pair only noticed the crowd below them once they had brought the kite into land.