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Medellin gangs kill 2nd rapper within 2 weeks

Colombia news - Comuna 13

Gangs from the west of Medellin on Friday killed a rapper, two weeks after the assassination of another singer and the displacement of some 60 hip hop artists over death threats.

The death of rapper Roberth Steven Barra, locally known as “Garra,” was announced by “Jeihhco,” leader of the “La Elite” hip hop movement whose fellow-leader “El Duke” was assassinated two weeks ago.

Medellin Mayor Anibal Gaviria on Saturday condemned the killing of the 17-year-old rapper from the troubled Comuna 13 on his own Twitter account.

Gaviria is facing increasing criticism over his response to a rapidly deteriorating security situation in the city that has led to the killing of five policemen over the past month, the detention by a gang of a government official in the Comuna 13 on Friday and reports of combat between gangs in four of the city’s 16 districts.

Colombia’s Defense Minister Juan Carlos Pinzon, who was visiting the city on the day of the rapper’s assassination, announced the national government would send a 1000 extra policemen to improve security in the city.