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Medellin fair showcases 350 of Colombia’s top artisans

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Colombia’s National Crafts Fair is taking place in Medellin this year, and will showcase the work of 350 of the country’s best artisans.

Located near the Antanasio Girot stadium in Plaza Suramericana, the National Crafts Fair, which began on June 24 and runs until July 10, displays everything from woodcarvings and painted gourds to silk fabrics and traditional hats.

Over the course of the fair’s 17 days, artisans from the Pacific and Atlantic coasts, and from Quindio, Pasto, la Guajira, Caldas, Antioquia and the downtown Medellin area will sell their handmade crafts in the open air market.

After paying a small entry fee, visitors will find a large market full of craftsmen, street food vendors, and artists from various regions in Colombia. Meat lovers can visit the “mamona,” or triangular grill, that will be cooking up tasty food from Colombia’s plains, while those interested in cultural activities can spend time in the main square, where a number of street performers will be present.

For more information on the fair, which is sponsored by Medellin’s Culture and Tourism Department, visit the event’s page on the Medellin tourism website.