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Medellin exudes books and culture in its annual festival

Colombia news - Festival

Colombia’s second largest city Medellin invites you to explore the sixth Festival of Books and Culture from September 7 to 16.

Starting Friday, the Festival of Books and Culture of Medellin summons communities to live, enjoy, and take advantage of a celebration dedicated to books and the written word in all of its distinct expressions.

The festival was founded in 2007 and this year in its sixth version, the festival has expanded its horizons to include a variety of stages as representative spaces of the city, including parks, museums, the botanic gardens, and cultural centers.

Audiences of the festival will have a multitude of opportunities to listen to presentations of national and international experts with 335 invited guests, 234 academic activities, 125 presentations of books, 1,800 activities for children and the young public, 66 artistic activities, 86 commercial stands, 11 expositions and an overall 140 hours of literary explosions that are taking the streets of the city from September 7 to 16.

Join the 6th Festival of Books and Culture with some of the most nourished and diverse programming to experience a meeting space of citizen enjoyment.

For the full program see here.