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Madonna’s 1st gig in Colombia dubbed ‘historic’, ‘unprecedented’

Colombia news - Madonna

Colombian media on Thursday hailed pop diva Madonna’s first ever show in the South American country as “historic” and “unprecedented.”

The two-hour concert that was attended by approximately 47,000 fans made headlines on virtually all Colombian news websites.

According to El Tiempo, Colombia’s leading newspaper, the show was “unprecedented.”

Medellin newspaper El Colombiano dedicated a whole section to the pop star’s double concert in the country’s second largest city and dubbed the gig “an unforgettable spectacle.”

Medellin’s second largest newspaper El Mundo said the two-hour concert “fulfilled all expectations.”

Local authorities decreed a series of special measures to avoid a shut-down of the city’s traffic; anti-traffic jam limitations were temporarily lifted and free buses were made available to promote the use of public transport.

Airlines increased the number of flights to Medellin to meet the demand of fans who were trying to get to the city from all over the country.

Madonna will hold her second concert in Medellin on Thursday evening after which she wil travel to Brazil’s Rio de Janeiro where she is due to perform on Sunday.