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Launch of new Cartagena guide

Colombia news - Cartagena

All the beauty and splendor of Cartagena will be on display in the new Tourist Guide published by La Heroica luxury travel and real estate company, according to their new campaign Color Cartagena.

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Cartagena de Indias’ Board of Tourism has worked long and hard to promote the destination in all many guises and services, culminating in the release of this new and improved guide to the city.

Visitors to the city will find a completely revamped tutorial that showcases the best in commerce and tourism that the city has to offer. Furthermore, the guide permits Cartagena businesses to promote themselves to local, domestic and international visitors.

The Color Cartagena strategy is to use the warm tropical colors that characterize the Caribbean to categorize the various activites that the area offers. Thus, historical, cultural, gastronomic, shopping, and special events, among other categories, will be separated according to colour, enabling visitors to find what they’re looking for faster than ever.

The guide’s launch will be held 4pm Friday at the Palace of the Inquisition with numerous local businesses in attendance.

The guide will be availble to the public from November.