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Killings on the rise in Cordoba: Colombian military

colombia news- edgar cely

Colombia’s armed forces confirmed Friday the rise in murders throughout the department in Cordoba and announced an increase in forces in the area to counter guerrilla violence, RCN Radio reported Friday.

“Unfortunately, we have had an increase in assassinations in the department of Cordoba over the last few days, which in some cases have been retaliations or attempts to get even,” reported the commander of the Colombian armed forces, Admiral Edgar Cely.

This increase in violence has been attributed to the ongoing confrontation between local guerrilla groups and law enforcement officials, but the conflict has grown larger and has affected local residents and public corporation candidates. According to a report from the Inspector General’s Office, the majority of the victims of the violence belong to rural farming communities or are members of indigenous groups settled in high-risk communities.

Admiral Cely insisted that the Colombian military will continue to oppose guerrilla violence in the area. “Our responsibility as the armed forces is to search for the (guerrilla fighters), locate them, and fight them, this is our assignment. The military has not let their guard down,” Cely affirmed.