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Kidnapped soldiers in Antioquia found dead

Colombia News - Soldier

Army officials have found the dead bodies of the two soldiers kidnapped Monday in the Antioquia department, Colombian media reported Wednesday morning.

The troops came across the bodies of the two men, Jose Esteban Coba and Fernando Builes, Wednesday morning at 7 AM on the bank of the Taque River, next to a tree loaded with explosives.

The bodies of the two men were apparently being used as lures so that soldiers searching for the two would fall into a minefield set by those responsible, according to sources from the Army’s 4th Brigade.

According to the commander of the Medellin brigade, the two were travelling unarmed and in civilian clothing Monday, when they were kidnapped in the town of El Limon, southwest of Medellin.

According to a report by the commander of the Colombian armed forces, Admiral Edgar Cely, it is likely that criminal drug trafficking bands were responsible for the kidnapping.