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Authorities foil kidnap attempt against local govt candidate

Colombia News - Víctor Isidro Ramírez

Several armed men attempted to kidnap a political candidate for the local government in the Colombian department of Caqueta, in the southwest of the country, Caracol Radio reported Sunday.

Victor Isidro Ramirez avoided becoming a captive due to the timely intervention of the Colombian Armed Forces, Senator Alexandra Moreno Piraquive, the national director of Mira, Isidro’s party, told the radio station.

According to Ramirez’s campaign manager, Alvaro Avila, while travelling between the municipality of Curillo and the departmental capital Florencia, accompanied by police officers, the campaign team were stopped at an army checkpoint because there was an armed group lying in wait for the candidate.

Ramirez remained with the military for half an hour until he was informed that he could continue travelling to Florencia.

Senator Moreno Piraquive said a few days ago that she asked Interior Minister German Vargas Lleras for better protection measures for candidate Ramirez who only has one security guard, but she has not received a response.