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‘Hot mom’ Sofia Vergara to produce ‘Killer Women’ series

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The Colombian “Modern Family” MILF will executive produce a new series for ABC titled “Killer Women,” an adaptation of Argentina’s “Mujeres Asesinas.”

According to The Hollywood Reporter, producer Ben Silverman and Colombian actress Sofia Vergara will team up to adapt the originally Argentine series to an American dramatic procedural, in which a femme Texas Ranger will solve police cases, presumably while wearing a tight fitting uniform.

Hannah Shakespeare, who has also written screenplays for John Cusack’s thriller “The Raven,” TV series “The Playboy Club,” “The Whole Truth” and “The Philanthropist,” will write the series while Martin Campbell directs.

The Argentine version was originally based on the book trilogy of the same name by Marisa Grinstein and has also been adapted in Colombia, Mexico, Ecuador and Italy.

Vergara started her career in Colombia as a model/actress before starring in America’s popular TV series “Modern Family” as well as several other movie and TV productions.