Posted by Camilla Pease-Watkin on Apr 29, 2010 Leave a comment

Holy Virgin appears on Bogota hospital floor


The Holy Virgin made yet another appearance on in Colombia on Thursday, this time disguising Herself as a stain on a hospital floor in Bogota.

It was a member of the Kennedy hospital’s cleaning staff, Marisol Rubio, who came across the image of the mother of God while she was sweeping the entrance to the establishment.

“A chill ran through my body,” said Rubio, as she described spotting the familiar-looking image on one of the floor-tiles, “The stain was the Virgin.”

The shocked woman called a friend to confirm what she suspected, and together they agreed that the stain was indeed an apparition of the Virgin.

“I saw her … I could tell by her dress and the position of her little hands,” insisted 70-year-old Rubio.

Within minutes the image was surrounded by hospital patients, wishing to touch and caress the holy stain, in the hope that She might heal their ailments.

The crowd became so excited, in fact, that police were called to intervene.

Within four hours the tile had been transformed into a miniature altar, adorned with four candles and a white rose.

The apparition remains where it was discovered and has continued to receive visitors throughout the day.

This is not the first time the Virgin has appeared in Colombia, having previously shown Herself in palm trees, guanabana trees, burnt candles, coffee cups and dirt-stained walls.