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HIV ridden rapist infects at least 50 women

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Bogota police on Monday arrested a man accused of raping and infecting at least 50 women with HIV throughout Colombia, local media reported.

Suspect Libardo Rojas Duenas is a self-aware carrier of HIV for the past 6 years, a revelation that apparently did not stop him from raping and having unprotected sex with at least 50 women around Colombia after he tested positive, according to Santa Fe Radio.

Police reportedly became aware of Rojas’ illicit behavior in 2007 when he raped a 16 year old girl who subsequently tested positive for HIV.

Rojas continued travelling around Colombia as a truck driver, allegedly to evade capture and continued to infect unaware women, amounting to at least 50 victims.

Authorities reported that Rojas is being charged with both rape and knowingly “contaminating another person,” with HIV, a crime that alone could condemn Rojas to between six to 12 years in prison.