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German warships open to the public in Cartagena

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A sea of sailing ships masts jostling for space alongside the big, brash American cruise ships is a common sight in the bay of Cartagena. The arrival of a seaplane Wednesday and three warships Thursday adds an extra spice to the sultry Caribbean city.

The infamous trade winds that sweep in over the wharves and through the vibrant streets of the Old City are a refreshing respite from the heat. It was these same winds that first brought sail ships to the calm waters of Cartagena bay, which was recently named one of the most beautiful in the world. The bay became an important port for seaplanes and warships. Later came the cruise ships and catamarans.

Cartagena local Captain Jaime Borda Martelo says that as the fame of the bay’s sheltered beauty grew, the arrival of tourist vessels increased. Over time access to the port for seaplanes and warships became restricted. These days the docking of such vessels is a novelty, attracting attention like a toucan in a tea cup.

But if sitting back and observing from the comfort of a deckchair, cocktail in hand, isn’t your thing, don’t worry. German navy ships the Sachsen, the Lubeck and the Frankfurt Am Main are open to the public and will stay docked at the wharves until Sunday 12th of April. The Frankfurt Am Main was involved in providing relief to Indonesia following the tsunami that devastated the region in 2004

650 German navy officers will be training with the Colombian navy in the region for the next week.