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Colombian ex-beauty queen denies attending Berlusconi ‘bunga-bunga’ sex parties

Miss Colombia Bunga Bunga girl

Former Colombian beauty queen Debbie Castañeda denied being a sex-party girl of Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi Wednesday after accusations in Italian media.

Italian newspapers claim her name surfaced in wiretaps conducted by Italian authorities on the phone lines of Berlusconi.

“It’s not true,” said Miss Bogota 1996 and PR woman Castañeda in an interview with Colombian station W Radio Wednesday in the face of accusations of being a “bunga-bunga” girl. Bung-bunga is the term used by the Italian media when referring to Berlusconi’s erotic gatherings.

Castañeda told the Italian press that “I have never been to Arcore,” the country house where Berlusconi held his sex parties and added that she only attended meetings of an institutional nature. The 33-year-old has known Berlusconi for five years and has formed a close relationship with the leader, advising him on his image and public relations.

The beauty queen went to Italy in 1996 to pursue a modelling career and was hired as a presenter for a television show on the channel Mediaset, owned by media magnate and Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi.

Castañeda is an adviser at Fendimeccanica, which is 30% owned by the Italian government. She is also accused of obtaining her job as a result of Berlusconi’s influence.