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FARC torch 7 trucks in Valle del Cauca

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According to local police commander Gustavo Adolfo Ricaurte, leftist guerilla group the FARC torched seven semi-trucks Monday night in the western Colombian Valle del Cauca department.

The incident, which occurred on the Buga-Buenaventura highway, involved the burning of three parked semi-trucks and four that were traveling on the road, reports Caracol Radio.

There were no reports of injuries.

Authorities have cordoned off the area around the attack site until the burnt semi-trucks are removed and the area is deemed safe.

The Buga-Buenaventura highway is the main cargo-transport route connecting the interior of the country with Colombia’s main port on the Pacific coast, Buenaventura.

Cauca suffered two separate FARC attacks on Friday, which targeted public buses and a church.