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FARC took computers from ‘Mono Jojoy’ camp: Anncol

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FARC guerrillas took all computers from the camp where military commander “Mono Jojoy” was killed, leftist news agency Anncol reported Monday.

According to Anncol’s website, which regularly publishes press releases from the FARC, the computers found on the site were planted there by the Colombian military.

“The guerrilla computers use an encrypted system that is impossible to decipher,” the news agency added.

Colombian military forces say they found at least 12 laptops and dozens of hard disks and USB sticks in the camp where Mono Jojoy was bombed to death. Judicial authorities say these computers are being handled in accordance with international forensic standards, to avoid any accusations that the evidence has been tampered with.

In 2008 the government found computer files in the camp of deceased FARC commander “Raul Reyes” after the rebel died in a government air strike. According to Colombian authorities, these files contained much useful information, implicating figures such as Senator Piedad Cordoba, as well as the Ecuadorean government and former Panamanian presidents, in dealings with the guerrilla group.

Questions have been raised about the authenticity of information found on the Raul Reyes hard drives.