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FARC still holding hostages: Deserted guerrillas

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Allegedly defected FARC guerrillas have said the FARC’s “best kept secret is the number and where their hostages are hidden in their possession,” Noticias Uno reported Sunday.

According to one of the escaped guerrillas, she personally knew one of the sites in Cauca where hostages were being kept. “I saw three [hostages], but I didn’t know their names or anything because it is prohibited to talk with them…Right now, of course they have hostages but they do not leave them with whoever” she told Noticias Uno.

The other defected FARC guerrilla revealed that several leaders and heirs of former FARC commander Mono Jojoy are devising a desertion plan.

Both unnamed FARC escapees also claimed that various FARC commanders are conspiring to support a future presidential candidate of Colombia.

A commander named “Pacho Chino” was also blamed by one of the ex-guerrillas as the FARC leader responsible for ordering attacks throughout the Cauca and Valle de Cauca regions in the southwest of the country, an area that has been notorious for FARC aggression over the past few years.