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FARC salutes new LatAm body CELAC

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The FARC assured the newly-founded Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (CELAC) that Colombia’s largest rebel group is willing to hold peace talks; a message rejected by President Juan Manuel Santos who said the guerrillas show no will.

In an open letter published Friday on the FARC’s website, the group invited the international organization to intervene in Colombia’s 47-year old conflict.

The FARC said to be willing to have “a fully-guaranteed dialogue, facing the country, the continent and the world” in order to “model an institutional and political re-composition.”

The message was rejected by Santos on Saturday when speaking before the CELAC.

“The answer is this: The will i there, with both the government and the 46 million Colombians who are fed up with the violence,” said Santos.

However, the President said that the government will not agree to peace talks until “we have the guarantees that the other side is willing to reach an agreement.”