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FARC may be behind Bogota police station bombing: Govt

Colombia’s defense minister on Monday refused to rule out FARC involvement with bomb attacks on a Bogota police station the evening before.

Colombian newspaper El Espectador reported that the Minister of Defense, Juan Carlos Pinzon, disclosed FARC involvement in the two consecutive bombing on a police station in the Colombian capital has not been ruled out.

“We do not rule out the participation of the FARC in the attack on the police station of Santa Helenita that left four wounded,” said the Defense Minister.

The Minister also claimed an investigation continues in to who is responsible for the attack adding that “Sooner or later those responsible for this crime will be found,”

The newspaper also reported Bogota’s chief of police, Luis Martinez, claimed that another possible motive for the attacks may have been retaliation by local criminal networks.

He went on to say recent blows to such networks at the hands of the Colombian authorities may have urged the attacks. No finalities have been drawn up and investigations still continue.