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FARC ringleader captured by Colombian army

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A leader of the FARC’s 6th Front was captured Monday by the Colombian Army and the National Police Force while drinking at a bar in southwest Colombia.

27-year-old Oscar Ivan Gugu, alias “El Zorro”, is a leader of the guerrilla group’s 6th Front, which operates in the southwestern department of Cauca. He is thought to be head of the FARC’s financal, drug trafficking and support networks within the region.

The known guerrilla was arrested while drinking liquor in a bar in the town of Corinto, Cauca, in a joint operation between the army and the national police.

El Zorro is wanted by prosecutors across the department of Cauca, and faces more than 100 charges related to terrorist activity. These include conspiring to murder various members of the armed forces, indigenous people and farmers throughout northern Cauca and the Cauca Valley.

He has also been named as a key perpetrator in a bombing campaign carried out by the guerrilla group in Cauca. This included the bombing of a bus outside the Toribo police station in July 2011, the killing of nine soldiers in Corinto in 2009, and attacks on battalions stationed in the mountains of Caloto in April and October 2011, which killed 6 soldiers.

It was expected that El Zorro would be brought before prosecutors and officially charged within hours of his arrest.